There are many Casinos in the world, and as soon as you walk into a casino, it feels like you are in a whole new world of fun and entertainment. Casinos are designed in a way to allure you so that you will spend all your time and money without even knowing how much you are spending. Some of you might be interested in gambling at card games and slot machines while others might be interested in partying and drinking. Whatever might be your interest, most of the casinos have a brilliant ambience, and the following are some of the top picks:

The Venetian:

The Venetian casino is located in China, but many people confuse this with the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. The casino in China is one of the biggest casinos in the world, and it has a huge gaming space and more than 3400 slot machines. The building is impressive both inside and out. The casino has many luxury rooms which are named after major cities like Guangzhou, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Yunnan. The Venetian is about 10,500,000 sq ft, and it has 39 stories. VIP members of the club have 24/7 access to the casino.

Foxwoods Resort Casino:

You would be pretty surprised to know that the largest casino in America is not in Las Vegas but Ledyard, Western Connecticut. The casino has one of the largest poker room in California and the third largest in the world. The events that are conducted are lively, and the ambience is brilliant. The casino has progressive slots and poker jackpots. The casino has more than 800 table games and is quite popular for its serene forest setting.

Crown Casino:

Crown Casino is located in Melbourne, Australia and it is one of the second largest casinos in the Southern part of the world. It has been the home to many world-series like Poker Asia-Pacific, and it also has plenty of ballrooms. Many award shows and galas take place at the Crown casino.

City of dreams:

City of dreams is located in China and it the second biggest casinos in the world which is on land. The casino is owned by Melco Crown Entertainment, and it has a wide gaming area which attracts many tourists from China and other countries.

MGM Grand Casino:

MGM casino has one of the largest gaming floors in the world, and the casino is filled with entertainment. They also have sports like football, material arts, boxing and soccer. The casino has more than 140 casino tables and a variety of slot machines which provides video poker.


You might have heard this casino as it was featured in many movies like Oceans 11, The Hangover and 21. The casino is famous for its poker tables, and the bets can go as high as $4000 to $8000 and sometimes the pots even exceed $1 million.